Graffiti sites

Canberra is fortunate to have many legal sites for graffiti art. The ACT Government website currently lists 26 sites, and publishes graffiti guidelines to help keep these sites open for all writers.

Artists are encourage to check the listed sites for revisions before commencing any works, available at: ACT Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) graffiti sites

For more information on legal graffiti sites and the guidelines for their use, please read the TAMS Graffiti Guidelines.

Artists may be banned from using these sites if they fail to observe the following rules:

  • Do not write on surfaces close to legal sites but not sign-posted as legal.
  • Do not complete offensive work, such as racist or sexist work involving crude language, violent or sexual images, or personal information.
  • Do not regularly hit legal sites with excessive tagging or offensive work.
  • Keep the area clean around legal sites.

When visiting many of the legal sites, I noticed that the ACT Government does not provide any bins for disposal of art materials, such as spray cans, paint tins, paint rollers and roller trays. While most sites were fairly clean, Callum Street was littered with refuse.

Graffiti waste left at legal graffiti sites

The ACT Government should consider providing rubbish bins at legal graffiti sites for artists to dispose of their waste

Graffiti waste left at legal sites

Spray cans are frequently left behind at the Callam Street site in Woden


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