North Canberra

Most sites in North Canberra are dominated by local artist Abyss .607, so it must be a regular stomping ground for him.

Sites with a lot of good pieces include:

And here are some others I have spotted around North Canberra from Abyss .607 …

Graffiti tag on street light post, Macarthur Avenue, O'Connor

Abyss .607 is watching you on Macarthur Avenue, O’Connor

Graffiti tag in O'Connor park

Abyss .607 is watching you in the ‘Horse Paddock’ park, O’Connor (click to enlarge the image, as it’s well hidden)

Graffiti at Lyneham shops, Canberra

‘Heaven’ on top of the Lyneham IGA Supermarket by Abyss .607

Graffiti at O'Connor shops, Canberra

Abyss .607 strikes again, at the rear of the O’Connor shops

Graffiti in Lyneham, Canberra

‘Mr Banana Head’ at Lyneham shops


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