ANCA — Australian National Capital Artists

I saw these driving along Antill Street to my football game and stopped to take some photos on the way back.

Graffiti ANCA Antill Street Dickson

SYTH wildstyle piece behind ANCA

Graffiti behind ANCA Dickson

SeLaR wildstyle piece with a nice racing car underneath, but not sure if it’s part of SeLaR’s piece

Graffiti behind ANCA Dickson

Scary farmer/scarecrow but I’m not sure who painted it because I can’t read the throw-up

Graffiti behind ANCA Dickson

A similar untagged grey piece

Dickson College

My brother spotted this piece driving along Phillip Avenue to the Gorman House Markets for lunch one Saturday.

Abyss .607 graffiti in Dickson

An Abyss .607 ‘seer’ piece at Dickson College

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