Tuggeranong Parkway underpass

This site was a little difficult to find. We followed Waldock Street almost into the bush. It was full of tags, throw-ups, wildstyles and blockbusters, and a spectacular piece from Abyss .607. Vandalism or art?

Graffiti in Chifley, Canberra

Ummm … let me know if you know what this says!

Graffiti in Chifley, Canberra

Ahhhh… or this… wildstyle is quite an art form.

Graffiti in Chifley, Canberra

A 21m long seer by Abyss .607 demonstrates how he plans each piece for a particular spot. This was awesome!

Graffiti in Chifley, Canberra

Capturing the full 21m piece by Abyss .607 was tricky

Graffiti in Chifley, Canberra

A less detailed throw-up from Abyss .607

Graffiti in Chifley, Canberra

One Eye Ota throw-up


One thought on “Chifley

  1. 1,2,3 – Art!
    The fact that 3 is art is highlighted by 4 when you contrast it with the ugly tagging (vandalism) below it.
    5 vandalism – unless the graffiti makes the place look more interesting, I’d prefer it weren’t there. This is particularly the case if it’s taboo to paint over someone else’s lame effort tagging.
    6. I lean towards vandalism!

    These answers, obviously are not able to be legislated: they’re way too subjective. But somewhere like Japan where laws can be interpreted on a more case by case basis, it might make a little sense.

    Would love to read your analysis of art or vandalism!

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